Top 6 Essential Equipment You Can Hire for Wedding Events

Wedding Events are very special moment in everyone’s life. Wedding bells brings excitement with adding up essential Vintage Wedding Hire for your wedding events. You can go up with them to make your wedding events grand & glorious.

We have focused on planning wedding events & understand the efforts, time it needed. So we have come with top 6 essential equipment that you can hire during your wedding events which will save your time & budget.

This infographic highlights 2 points:

  • Top essential equipment for wedding events.
  • How to plan your grand wedding events.


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A Guide to Bring Perfection at the Wedding Table

It’s the biggest day of your life and you are nicely dressed up from head to toe. Your dress is perfect and so is your partner. This makes a complete happy wedding. But, what about the table and decor at the most important event of your life! Ornamenting the most special day of your life with different props and cutlery is what makes the occasion complete. To make your wedding day unforgettable for everyone, you must go for best wedding styling in Berkshire. Pretty Vintage Things offer you wonderful cutlery and amazing prop options to make the occasion more happening. They have a wide range of beautiful fine bone china, tableware and props and offer their services in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, North Hemisphere, Hampshire, London, Wiltshire, Buckinghamshire and Middlesex. If you want to hire vintage prop and catering equipment then they have the fantastic ideas for you.

Go Green

go green

Get inspired by the nature and enrich your love for green. Green is always refreshing and making the table centrepieces all green is definitely going to add the environmental effects. If you are going for catering equipment hire in Berkshire, do ask for everything green. Give your wedding theme a touch of nature and  get complements for the beautiful wedding table.

Lantern and the Cages

Lantern and the Cages

Lantern marks the royalty of Mexican tradition. Going for the decor that displays lanterns and cages is something that will be totally adorable and will be loved by all. Decor using cages and lanterns is definitely going to leave you mesmerized. If you want to go for Catering equipment hire in Berkshire, PrettyVintageThings offer you different cutleries options to complement the beautiful centrepieces. No matter what your wedding venue is, these centrepieces are definitely going to steal all the attention.

Gold is Glamorous

Gold is Glamorous

If you want to give the table at your special day a more ritzy and stunning look then this theme is for you. Gold if always glamorous and therefore it makes the entire ambience more charismatic and enchanting. The golden cutleries appear fascinating and glimpse of royalty are showered at the table. Styling it with flower decor and more gold hues will add to the beauty of aura and everyone will be completely engrossed in the entire setting. If you are going to hire vintage prop, do not forget about the golden cutleries offered by Pretty Vintage Things.

Keep it Simple

If you are away from the extravagant and lavishing world then a simple wedding theme is going to suit your taste. A simple set of cutleries and beautiful flower decoration with soothing dim light contribute to a romantic aura. Flowers are always refreshing and simplicity is something that is always praised. There flows an air of sophistication as the dim candle lights and aroma of flowers add to the beauty of the event. When you hire catering equipment for your big day, consider the ones that match the level of simplicity and sophistication you have.

Bold Hues

Bold Hues

Show the other side of yours with the bold hues centrepieces. The table adorned with dark and catchy colours tell the tale of your bolder side. They are attractive and ensure that everyone is arrested in the charm of the moment.  When you go to hire vintage prop for your wedding day, also look for a decorative cycle and vintage cutleries to match the charisma of bold hues.