Popular Floral Wedding Decor for This Wedding Season

Floral Wedding Decor

Beautify the most special day with the blossoms of the season

A perfectly organized wedding is what a woman always dreams of. Wedding is the biggest day of a person’s life and thus they want it to be both sweet and sassy. When it comes at making a wedding more special and dreamlike, décor is something that plays the most important role. One always wants to have a wedding that matched their personal style. And, if your style is inspired by the beauty of the season then you are definitely going to have a happening wedding theme as you always desired. You have a number of floral options to bloom your big day with the essence of flowers.

1.) Flower with Pearls

Pearls do not lie on the sea shore. One has to dive in the sea to get it. This signifies the importance of these precious stones. Achievement and happiness is something that accompanies it. Pearls are regal and talks about glory. Incorporating it flowers does not only beautify the environment, but it also adds royalty to your wedding. This theme is definitely going to rock your wedding. Bride can go for a pearl bouquet and add a majestic charm to the glittering aura. Bridesmaids’ jewelry or dresses can also be designed with pearls.

2.) Go Green

You can also cherish your love for the greenery at your big day. Lush wedding decoration is something that rejoices the environment of any function. It tells the tales of freshness and the big events return to the beautiful nature. Greenery table runners and wedding arches make everything complete. Incorporating it with light shades flower bring delight to the atmosphere. If you have love for the environment, you can never say no to this theme.

3.) The Pastel Colors

Going for just the pastel color flowers is also a good idea to make your wedding both light and happening at the same time. Pastel blooms have always attracted many because of the soothing and calming effects it tends to posses. This quality makes them perfect for the wedding décor as they fill the air with the fragrance of love and affection. They can be used for complete décor. Also, they can be used at the best of the centerpieces with the collection of votive candles and mercury glasses. A fresh gardenia on each napkin would be great idea.

4.) The Twilight Theme

Give your big day a dramatic touch with the gorgeous twilight theme. If you want to add sparkles and luxury to the flower décor at your wedding then twilight theme is the right choice for you. It is the best way to enjoy your wedding ceremony in an open area and be surrounded with everything fresh and natural. This is another way of returning to the nature. The entire decoration incorporated with beautiful flowers is definitely going to leave everyone mesmerized and will give you something more to remember the day forever.

5.) The Magic of Neutral Tints

The magic of neutral tints is defiantly going to add more dazzles to your wedding. The neutral shades tell the tales of excitement and energy, making the setting more charismatic. They make the ambience more splendid and vibrant. These shades are symbolic of a fresh beginning and desire for simplicity and life. Let the wedding planners give wings to their creativity and spice up your big day with beauty and sophistication.

6.) Play with Dark Shades

Playing with dark colors is also a nice way to add warmth to your big day. You can go for two particular shades like red and grey and incorporate entire setting with the two shades. Red is always considered as the color of love and therefore, everything red at wedding can be really enchanting. Red flowers bouquet will look lovely in bride’s hands. Maroon tint flowers setting as the centerpiece of the dinner table is definitely going to steal the show. The combination of red, maroon and grey is perfect to give the environment a complete divine look. Also, bridesmaids’ red dresses add due to the beauty.

7.) Fresh Blooms with Gold Theme

We witnessed the popularity of gold theme in 2014. You can revive the theme and give it a complete trendy touch with different ravishing flowers. It gives a touch of elegance and sophistication. Gold wedding palettes make your wedding completely royal and highly ritzy looking. Gold is always loved by women so remember that you can give your girl something very special with the theme.

8.) The Vintage World

What’s old is new again with the glamour brought back with this dazzling theme. Make your big day filled with nostalgia with vintage theme. Vintage theme is something that allows you to play with different beautiful flowers. Retro inspired gowns and flowers and antique decors make the ceremony complete.

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